Transiting Australia – First Stop

First Stop – Australia…
When I left New Zealand I had no idea of the trauma it would cause me. I guess it is only natural that the more you love the more it hurts to let go. I learnt to love a lot during my time there, so it follows that I also hurt a lot too. But let me take you back a few days first and lead you into my move…

It’s hard to find a precise time to start this at, after all I have been trying to prepare to leave New Zealand now since around March. I knew that May 28th would be the date I flew out too. Yet nothing prepared me for this day.

Leading to the day
I quit working at Lifeway 10days before I left, figuring this would give me plenty of time to prepare to leave. I was wrong. This didn’t, nor did any of my other activities. My time with friends at Tawharunui, my farewell party, spending all day with Jacque in Auckland in what was the most memorable day ever, time with friends, times of praying, even special nights with special people…nothing was enough for me to say “I’m ready now to leave…”, nothing was sufficient for me to know that now was the right time to leave.

Every single part of leaving was hard. Yet even so, I absolutely unequivocally knew that this was the right time for me to leave. What a paradox.

The Airport
At the airport I was late and very stressed. I waited until the last boarding call for my flight and was starting to panic. Yet my whole focus there was to ensure I spent good quality time with my friends. I loved them all heaps and wanted to spend the brief time that I had with them in the best way possible. These were people that I loved, and that loved me. At the last minute panic grabbed me and thinking that I would miss the plane I bid my quick farewells and left them in a fit of panic, running through the departure gate right to the door of the plane. I was last to board. The quick group photo at the departure gates however, will be something I will treasure for years to come.

The Flight
My flight to Brisbane was the longest, lonliest, saddest flight I have ever taken. My tears didn’t stop flowing from the moment I sat down on the plane until I fell asleep in total exhaustion that night after the flight. The tearing in my heart that I felt was like no other. I told God that only He was worth paying such a high price for. I trusted in His word which says “Those who sow in tears will reap with joy” and knew that it applied also to my life and the tears I was now shedding.

The days following my arrival in Australia have seen me start the process of preparing to leave again. I contacted YWAM for possible leads in South America, a Spanish language company to learn Spanish and bought a mobile phone which works around the world. Sleep is also a high priority while I’m not working since the days leading up to my leaving New Zealand and the trauma following it have given me to considerable tiredness.

My focus has only sharpened now that I am here. Every day I do something more towards leaving. Every day I spend my time with the knowledge that I am only here in a very temporary manner. Every day I praise God that He has guided my steps this far and will continue to guide them further. Every day I rejoice. Thank you for rejoicing with me.


PS: The mistakes

Absent mindedness: At the airport I put through two pieces of luggage. In Brisbane I picked up only one. The other I left on the carousell. It took me two days to realise I did not have it with me.

Wrong Luggage: At the airport in New Zealand I worked out which two essential pieces of luggage I needed to take with me. In my panic I forgot about one of them and it now won’t reach me until the 4th. In it was all of my essentials including toiletries, clothes, computer parts, phone numbers and addresses of friends. I currently have only one pair of trousers and some shirts which happened to be here already. Doh!