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During my travels, I spent some time in Concepcion, Chile. Now nobody told me that there was nothing to do in Concepcion until we got to Chile.T637.jpg Then everybody told us that there was nothing there. So what did we do? We went there anyway. And you know what? Everybody was right. There is nothing to do there.

Well, almost nothing. It took me two hours to see all of the sights of the city, and then I headed off to the shops. After all, if you are in a big city, what is there better to do than to go shopping. As a guy, my shopping was electronics. And the prices here are a lot better than good old Argentina.

So in all of my shopping, I found myself a phone. A pretty funky phone actually. It is a SonyEricsson T637 with an integrated camera, so now I can take photos and send them to all of my friends.

Check out some of my first photos:

Bus travel has a way of affecting people after a while.

Even the hardest people can be affected by it.

Together on the bus to Pucon, Chile.

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