Argentina Take 2 – New Directions, New Places

Well, I am back in Argentina once again and boy it feels like I have returned home. Even though being in Australia and New Zealand was great, I still felt like a fish out of water while there. Here I don’t.

So now that I am back here, things have changed around a fair bit. Back in March of this year, I left my base of almost two years in Corrientes. There was no fixed destination at the time, other than to travel through Bolivia to help out various missions where they needed help.

After two months in Australia and New Zealand, I have returned to Argentina in what seems in many ways like “take 2” of my time here. This time I am based in the southern part of Argentina known as the Patagonia. Still with “Youth with a Mission,” I am now working with the branch located in Puerto (Port) Madryn. The first activity will be helping to lead a team of students in Peru for two months, starting tomorrow.

For the first part of my time in Argentina I was heavilly involved in working with computers and other electronic gadgets. This time, during “take 2,” I will be working a lot more with people. Where this leads, and what happens in all of this is yet to be seen. The only thing that I know for sure is that every step is an adventure. And this one is no different.

So bring it on. Let the adventures begin.