Further House Progress… Walls

It took me four months to get the foundations of the house poured, and up to the floor. It has taken only two weeks for the two men working on my house to get it to the roof stage.

The difference? Apart from two of them working on it full time, which helps, it is the knowledge and experience that they have. I remember watching the building progress in Corrientes YWAM when I was there, but these guys are many times faster. The first two walls were built within a day.

First walls viewed over the bathroom.
Both walls were built on the first day that the guys turned up to work.

All walls and no bathroom.
Pouring the concrete ring around the top that holds the walls together and provides a platform from which to add a second floor if needed.

Putting the timber on for the roof.
Seeing the roof go on was one of the most rewarding phases of the building process.