The house is finally taking shape

The foundation walls for the floor now completed.
The foundation walls completed, waiting to be filled with dirt and then covered with concrete.

It has been a hot morning and a lot of work but here we are, just before lunch, cleaning up our tools. The floor is done, one of the biggest tasks in building a house, conquered in a morning. I could not have done this without help. It was interesting really that only the night before, while praying, I felt that help with the house would be coming soon. Little did I know just how soon.

It was that very night, a little later, that I was approached by some people that I knew vaguely who asked me about the house. They were here for the graduation ceremony of the Discipleship School that had just finished. One of them, Daniel, was the only person that I really knew, as he had helped me with information on how to build what I had built until now. I was soon to learn that the others were his wife and father-in-law.

The dug foundations of the house.
Standing next to the dug foundations of the house.

In reply to their question I told them that things had been progressing pretty slowly until now as there had been many other tasks required of me around the base that took my time away from the house. They glanced amongst themselves and then looked back at me. “Why don’t we come tomorrow and help you out?” was their response.

How exciting was that. I woke early the next morning and waited eagerly for them to arrive. They turned up right on time in their old truck, loaded up with tools, bars, ropes, and a well used but highly valued cement mixer. Before long we were all set up and work began.

Pouring the foundation concrete
Pouring the first concrete into the foundations. The plastic is to protect the house from rising damp.

Daniel mixed up the first load of concrete while his father-in-law, a man who has worked in construction his entire life, prepared the floor to receive its layer of concrete. Soon we were all working together, making concrete as fast as we could and wheelbarrowing it up a plank to pour it out on the floor.

Eight buckets of gravel, two of cement, half a big bucket of water, and now add sand to get the consistency right. A little more gravel, bit of water, and… that’s it, ready. Another load of concrete to pour out and form more of the rapidly forming floor. Time rushed by. Before I knew it we were done. The entire floor, a space of 16m2 was finished and it still was not yet lunch time.

Filling the base with dirt
Getting help in filling up the base with a solid dirt fill.

With the help of Daniel and Ortega, his father-in-law, we had finished the floor in well under half of the time it would have taken me had I attempted it alone. But the best part was that I had no idea how to continue. With their extensive knowledge in construction we were able to speed up the time needed to finish the job tremendously, and I was able to learn many things from them in the process.

So now I have a floor. There is a lot more yet to be done, but I have a floor. A FLOOR! The house is finally taking shape.