Niko Camp

The Niko camp is something that remains mostly a secret within the YWAM ranks. Only those who have participated in a camp are able to talk freely about it between themselves. This tends to cause some frustration for those who have not yet been able to be a part of the camp, but once they have participated the reasons become clear.

There is nothing untoward about the camp, and most people who go camping would have participated in most if not all of the sorts of activities that we get up to during this camp. The way the camp is designed and run however, creates learning experiences that are better left until camp time.

Here are some photos that I took during the camp…

Discovering a waterfall before the camp begins.

Property owner
Talking with a local property owner.

Meeting around a campfire.

Boys resting
The boys having a rest.

A beautiful sunset
Watching the beautiful sunset.

The end of Niko
The end of the Niko – our final group meeting.

Niko leaders
The leaders of this Niko (Me, Patricia, Trudy, Lorena).