Heading to Buenos Aires

Well, I should really be moving right now, but thought it was worthwhile sending off a quick message to you to let you know that within an hour I will be hurtling along in a double-decker luxury bus on the way north to Buenos Aires. The purpose? To fix up an old house that will be used by the Counselling ministry arm of YWAM Argentina. This house needs ceilings, floors, and divisions. Although the work appears to be much more than we can do in just one week, that is all the time that I have available to give them. This is part of the Mobile Hands ministry that I have mentioned before.

So with a nail-gun in hand, and lots of energy, we will be knocking over as much as we can possibly do during this time. There are others coming from other parts also for this time. And when the week is over, we all head back to where we have come from. So I get to return to Bariloche, a town that is very easy to fall in love with for its beauty.

Well, enough said, I need to make sure that I am on that bus. Have to go right now.