My Flight Left Without Me

qantas jet

Ok, well, it’s like this… I’m still in Australia even though my flight left (without me) over 9 hours ago.

Tell me about it. Talk about crazy stuff! My bags are still packed, I have a Brazilian visa in my passport (that will never get used), and had all of my travel organized, even down to people I’m staying with and everything. And now I’m not going…

…at least not on that flight.

I guess it was not a bad decision. After all, over 40hrs of travel time just to get to Brazil, and then the need to travel on buses for over a week to get back to Argentina (well, about 4 days if done non-stop) did not sound like the greatest of travel adventures. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE traveling, and even a trip like this sounded pretty interesting to me. Pretty tiring too.

So when somebody did the math and worked out that my expenses to get to Argentina would cost about the same as them buying me a direct flight… and when they offered to do so at no cost to me… the idea of traveling only 16hrs to land directly in Buenos Aires… the answer was obvious. I jumped at it.
That means that this last week of running around crazily working out all of the last minute details, the crammed-in dinners with family and friends and rushed good-bye phone calls, the packing and weighing and repacking and re-weighing of luggage, and the lack of sleep and tying up of loose ends, and the long lists of must-dos and should-dos and want-to-dos being slowly checked off… well, I get to do it all again in two weeks. 😀
Yep, I have a new flight now that leaves in two weeks, flying directly to Buenos Aires. No long around-the-world-non-stop flights that end in Brazil. No I-cannot-believe-they-did-that 18hr stopovers in some foreign airport. Just a simple get-on-get-off and there-you-are flight home. Nice.