Flash Visit to Buenos Aires

For two days I visited Buenos Aires. The reason? To retrieve my permanent residency that I have been waiting almost 6 months for. The result? They told me it was not ready yet and I needed to come back in another two months. So after travelling the 18 hours to get to Buenos Aires, I spent a night there and returned the next day.

Bus travel

After the jump there are some photos from my visit…

The subway is rarely empty of people

The subway is almost always full of people. This was a rare moment.

Plaza San Martin and its lovely trees

Plaza San Martin with trees lit in full sunlight.

Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera in Buenos Aires.

Lots of rain in the city.

Rain throughout the city.

Protest outside the Congress Building

A protest outside the National Congress Building over the Malvina/Faukland Islands.

My bedroom at the Prayer Centre

My bedroom in the National Prayer Centre.

Retiro Bus Terminal

Retiro Bus Terminal.