Visiting Ushuaia

It was the 11th of December that I boarded the bus heading to Rio Gallegos, the last city on mainland Argentina. My bus trip was about to take 16 hours before I got there, so there was plenty of time to think.

The entire trip to Ushuaia was something almost instantaneous. Although I had been trying to get down here for the last three months, it was only after a chat on the 10th with my YWAM base director, Jorge Rios, that this trip came about. So everything happened extra quickly, and by the end of the day I had purchased my tickets needed to get me to Ushuaia.

Ushuaia over the Beagle Chanel

Ushuaia as seen from the plane while coming in to land.

Upon reaching Rio Gallegos, my next step was a flight down to Ushuaia. This was the preferred way of travel as it kept me within Argentina territory and made the 12 hour bus ride a 50 minute plane journey. So I stopped for a break in a friend’s home before heading to the airport.

One of the most amazing things that happened to me was that Rix (see photo below), a good friend who was also travelling down to Ushuaia on this day, just happened to be in the same plane as me. When I had last talked with him, his flight was later than mine. As I walked onboard the plane there was Rix seated in the first row. After holding up the line of people behind me to chat for a while, I started to look for my seat. It ended up being next to him, and we travelled and chatted for the rest of the flight together.

The YWAM base team

The staff of YWAM Ushuaia (L to R: Cecilia, Melisa, Silvina, Rix).

Upon arriving in Ushuaia, we were met by Silvina Prado, the base director of YWAM Ushuaia who guided us back to the base where I would be staying for the rest of my time here. After meeting Cecilia and Melisa I was shown to my room, shared with Rix, and was able to unpack and prepare for the week that I would be spending here.

What follows are some photos of my time down in this amazing corner of the world. Ushuaia is known as the Southernmost city in all of the world. It was summer time when I was here, but the weather was very cold most days even when the sun was shining strongly. Night comes at 11pm, and day returns at 4am, making the day light virtually all of your waking hours. It was a great trip and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Now the photos…

Ushuaia city and mountains

Looking over the city of Ushuaia and the mountains that shield it to the north from near the YWAM base.

Volunteer fire brigade.

The volunteer fire brigade of Northern Ushuaia.

Bird on Beagle Chanel

A bird by the edge of the Beagle Chanel during the late evening.

Friends from Venezuela

Meeting some Venezuelans (couple to the left) while in the YWAM base with Silvina and Rix.

The new YWAM staff

The (soon to be) new YWAM staff of YWAM Ushuaia (L to R: Rix, Cecilia, Melisa, Silvina, me).

Rix cutting the grass

Rix (over 80 yrs) cutting the lawn with an edger.

Rix cutting the lawn

Rix enjoying cutting the lawn with an edger.

Climbing Martial Glacier

Climbing Martial Glacier, the mountain closest to Ushuaia city.

Silvina on a snow bridge

Silvina standing on a snow bridge over a summer stream.

Small stream

A small stream with Martial Glacier in the distance behind.

View over Beagle Chanel

The view from Martial Glacier back over the Beagle Chanel.

Green pathway

A green pathway back down the mountain. This is a ski trail during winter.

Beagle Chanel

Looking back down over the Beagle Chanel from the top.

Hotel garden

A garden belonging to one of the many hotels lining the road up to the glacier.

Flower garden

A flower garden belonging to a hotel.

Ushuaia city views

Looking out over Ushuaia city from the road heading back down.