Moving South

My journey here was long and slow. The bus was delayed 8 hours so instead of boarding at 7pm as expected, I boarded at 3am and we left at 3.40am in the morning. Terrible. I got no sleep until 5am in the morning as we were constantly told the bus would only be another couple of hours each time.

Seeing my friends off at the terminal

Worse was that instead of making up time on the way to Rio Gallegos, where I had my flight waiting for me, we lost time. The expected arrival was at 1pm, with my flight at 7.45pm. Plenty of left over time. But with the bus as late as it was, things were not looking good. The stops along the way blew out from 5 mins to 30 mins, and from 10 mins to 45 mins, making the journey worse than expected. We never reached my destination until almost 10pm at night.

The bus ride that never should have been

I missed my flight to Ushuaia.

Knowing somebody in the town helped a lot, and before long Mirta came along in her car and took both me and Clara back to her warm house. Clara was also in the same position as me. This was the first time that she was visiting her 50 year old daughter in Ushuaia, and with the late arrival of the bus, had been left stranded in the town. So I did what anybody would (should?) do… I invited her to stay at Mirta’s place, and then called Mirta to confirm with her that it would be ok.

Leticia, Clara, and me at the airport

Fortunately, Aerolineas Argentinas allowed us to change our tickets without any problems and we both travelled to Ushuaia at 7.45pm the next evening… although the plane was also an hour late in getting there. A man had become ill just before the plane left Buenos Aires and they had to return to the terminal so he could get medical attention.

Finally, one day and one hour late, I arrive in Ushuaia. My new home.

Clara and me in the plane (her first ever flight)