Should I Continue

Well, I have been debating lately as to whether I should continue anymore with this photo site or not. It certainly seemed like a fun idea to start with, and I still like the idea. The problem is two fold, and one of them is time. A precious commodity, I am not certain that it is worth spending the extra time to maintain a second website just for photos.

I am putting plenty of photos on my main blog site, so an idea would be to simply create this as another category of my existing blog site, putting up photos when they are there. This would also have the advantage of being able to post multiple photos for one day. The down side? Well, from what I can see, there would be no dedicated site just for photos, I probably would not search out the better shots to stick on my normal blog but rather the more descriptive photos, and there would not be a visual way of looking back through the archives (as there is now).

So if you have any thoughts towards this whole thing, let me know. Right now it is 50-50 as to whether I will do it or not. But which ever way I go, I will be finishing off this year’s worth of photos first.