Welcome to Samafas. I know, I know, it sounds a little strange. At first it seemed like the ideal domain name for my first website, but then try asking somebody to spell it. Say it over the phone (for your email address) and see what they come up with. Nobody seems to get it first time.

So why did I create Samafas? Well, I was travelling around the world, and although I had spent a lot of time in Europe and the United States, there were three continents that I had not yet travelled.

It seemed like a great idea to turn them into an acronym.

Thus was born, “Samafas”.

S.Am. = South America
Af = Africa
As = Asia

The Vestiges of What Was

A Website

This was a website, built first on html, then Wordpress, and now back to html.

A Life

The contents of this site used to contain the details of a life lived in South America.

An Adventure

Each page contained adventures where outcomes were uncertain, shared to the reader.

A Story

The story was one of deep interest in the people, places, and sights of Latin America.