History of NZ – 2000

After the dawn of the new millenium, and nothing the doomsayers claimed actually happened, life returned to normal.

It was during 2000 that our Evangelism team thought up a new course for youth leaders. After much deliberation on names, we all settled on “R18”. Something that points at youth and makes a visual impact.

My next task was to create an R18 website with Walter and I spent months writing up all of the details. Actually Walter came up with most of the details while I typed them into the computer, but if you ask him, he will say that I helped.

Someone came up with a great idea about creating groovy folders for students to put their notes into. It sounded a lot less groovy once I realised that I had the mamoth task of creating the folder covers and printing them all. And it sounded even less groovy when it was decided that since the R18ers could have a fancy folder, all of the courses should have a fancy folder. It took a very long time to finish creating fancy folders. I think they have gone back to plain ones these days. Smart people.

Walter and I took the opportunity of the mid year break to go spearfishing in Fiji. We wanted the big ones. Those fish that are so huge they take you with them once you have speared them. Our first few trips to the reefs revealed sharks and turtles. No fish. A night dive brought me nose to nose with a shark. Gulp! Then, hearing about a great fish place, and since none of us knew how to sail, it made sense to borrow our host’s yacht to get there.

In the dark of morning I don’t know if it was the weak sounding engine or the two metre swells crashing over the bow that prompted us but we returned to the safety of the harbour. We had a good day of snorkeling using our spear-guns as ballast though.

The rest of the year saw me complete my earlier tasks and was somewhat uneventful.

Something happened that was to change the way I did things from then on. It was around this period of time that I was confronted with what many would politely call my “work focus”. Of course when I wasn’t there they would often talk about me being a “work-a-holic”. I didn’t think that about myself. I thought all was quite good – that was until I was confronted about it.

At that point I started to see how isolated I had become by my habits. This was the start of a series of changes. They have redirected my entire outlook on life. I now don’t hear the terms “work focus” or “work-a-holic” anymore. And that has been a very good thing.