History of NZ – 2002

Near the beginning of 2002 I was moved to FTN. This is our regional television station, now known as Family TV. It seems that the transformation I brought about to the computers throughout the college was noticed, and now it was hoped that I would bring a similar change to the desperate state of computers in FTN.

It worked. But I was only one small part of this puzzle. Simon O’Shaughnessy, our new station director provided a flow of funds without which it would not have been possible. Also Andrew, the sole technical guy here when I arrived, brought his expertise and willingness to experiment to the picture. It was together that we were then able to transform the landscape of FTN’s computer shambles into something effective. In the words of Simon… “well done guys”.

While at FTN, I also became part of a major restructure. With Stu’s knowledge (the TV course lecturer with lots of industry experience in TV), Simon’s ability to source funding, Andrew’s technical savvy, my organisational skills, and the physical help of Carl and his brother Dave in building things, we managed to totally rearrange the room structures throughout the station. Eventually we reached a design that was technically brilliant. Well, we think so anyway.

By the end of it the station was brand new again. It had new paint, new carpet, new editing suites, new cabling throughout, new station graphics, a new name, new programming of shows, and new teams being formed. We had transformed Family Television Network into Family TV. It was a fresh station. But boy! What a year that one was.