History of NZ – 2003

Now, as it approaches the end of May, I am near the end of my time in this place.

We are at the end of all of the changes from last year. When I leave, the station will be in a place where there is no technical reason for it to not excel, and the staff are all willing to prove it too.

I know that my part is finished and the dreams I had for the place are fulfilled. There are more dreams ahead, but the ones for Family TV are now left for someone else to dream.

As I leave, Lifeway is a very different technical place to how it was when I first arrived. Most buildings are now connected by high speed networks and multiple server computers provide high speed Internet, email, and other services. There is a fully air-conditioned central equipment room that is filled with technical gear for both the computer network and the audio-visual requirements of the television station. A new phone system has also been installed.

Things are much more reliable now. They also require considerably less work to keep running.

We got there! Wherever “there” is. But I know one thing. The computer side of things are (for the college and FTN at least) at their best level yet.

But for me, I’m going now…to South America!!!