I am leaving…

To my wonderful friends, good mates, and whanau. Greetings.

I have some news to tell you all…

it is now time to leave New Zealand.

That’s right. I am leaving Lifeway, FTN, and New Zealand. All at once really. And not too far away. I will be back in Australia (from whence I came originally) by the 28th of May. That gives me about 8 days left here.

And I will miss this place too. New Zealand is a very beautiful country and has tremendous customs and culture. The people I have met have engraved themselves onto my heart and I will surely miss them greatly. They have been a wonderful part of my life during the 4 1/2 years that I have been here.

What follows is a multi part series. First is my history in New Zealand and what I have done during my time here. Then details on how and why I know God has called me to South America will follow. This is the different events and processes that took place to get me to the point I am at now – holding a one-way ticket to Brisbane.