The Call – Meeting With Trev

Now that I knew I was leaving and even had an idea of time, I needed to discuss this with Trevor Yaxley – my boss and the director of Lifeway Ministries. The commitments I had made to the ministry and to Trevor made it necessary to submit these ideas of leaving and timing to him before saying anything publicly.

I had previously talked with Trevor late last year about this same move. At the time he rightly pointed out things that I needed to change in my life before I could go and do something like this. He noted that any issues I was dealing with now would be exaggerated once in a foreign place without the close support of my friends and others. Another two or three years was his suggested time frame before I could realistically consider going to South America.

When Trevor sat down, I came straight to the point and told him that I was there to talk about South America. After giving a brief rundown on the history of events that led up to this point, Trev interjected and said, “I have been thinking about this a fair bit recently and I really feel that this is the right time for you to leave. You have really grown during your time here and will be leaving on a good point with people. I think it would be really good, with what has happened with your folks, that you get to go back and help them get back up and going properly and set up [their business suffered fire damage and they were still re-establishing themselves].”

I was stunned. Surely this had to be God to bring such a significant change in position from Trevor. Now I knew that the timing was right, after all so many things were starting to fall into place. I told Trevor when I was planning to leave, to which he agreed.

It was such a relief for me to know that God had just confirmed his direction for me through Trevor. The meeting with him confirmed again my call to South America and the timing of it. How exciting is that. I felt excitement inside coursing up and sometimes I wanted to explode. I felt like a little kid again and it is such a good feeling.