The Call – Other Things

Other things that have helped me to know it is the right time to leave at this time:

Brenda’s Wisdom
A wise old friend of mine, Brenda, commented to me recently that my decision to go to South America and preparations for it were the most consistent I have ever been.

I had confided many other plans and ideas to Brenda over my time in New Zealand but this time she said that it looked right. So too was my moving to Australia first before going on to Argentina. She thought, and I agreed, that it was a good transition to move from a strong Christian environment such as Lifeway in New Zealand to a place where I was still surrounded by friends in Australia, then to a place where I will have no friends or even language and possibly be on my own in Argentina.

My Work At Family Television Network
My work at FTN will be mostly finished regarding all of the major moves and changes. Also, my position is less likely to be needed in the future since most of the network computers and servers will have been rebuilt by Andrew and me. This means that Andrew will be able to fix any future problems. So my position is fast becoming redundant and my major objectives will be complete. That seems like a good time for me to leave. Not only this, but another computer person arrived only weeks before I left, giving me sufficient time to hand everything over to him.

The Wellsford Team
Although work at the Wellsford Medical Centre was still in full swing, I felt that leaving at this time worked out very good. It allowed me enough time to train up my protege in the job, and brought him into the situation of change in the Centre just before it all happens. This gives him ownership of the changes, allowing him to be trained into the new software and systems, thus eliminating double training. So although it was very hard to leave the Centre, work wise it seemed a good time to do it.

So with so many things lining up for me it seemed a logical step to purchase a one way ticket to Australia – the next step in my journey.

And that’s what I did.