Australia – 4 Weeks Left

Now that I have arrived back from New Zealand, there is only 4 weeks left until I leave Australia. Many preparations are completed but there is still much to do.

Some of the more significant items on my agenda include renewing my pilot’s licence, completing my work at dad’s business, visiting all of my Aussie friends once more, planning my travel through Europe and America, and selling my house. All pending how much I can achieve in this time.

If time runs out then the bigger things such as flying will be put on hold. The most important items to me are catching up with my friends, preparing for leaving and finishing my work at my father’s business. Once these are done then I will know if I can start on the others.

My time in New Zealand was wonderful. Although I was able to catch up with many of my wonderful friends, there were still some that I was not able to see. I trust that somewhere in the future our paths will cross again.

While there I managed to take a bunch of photos throughout my time, and these are now on the internet in the photo section (see below).

I trust you are all keeping well and look forward to hearing from you sometime soon.

With love, Rob.