World Trip – Italy

Italy was an amazing country to visit. I have never seen so many ornate buildings and beautiful old locations as here. There was too much to see as my schedule was gruelling and made it difficult to get everywhere. Each day was spent walking and looking and enjoying as much as possible as I could. Roma (Rome) was the classic imperial city with tremendous buildings and a history unmatched by any other place I had visited. The train then took me to Florencia (Florence) which is the museum capital in many ways. It was awesome seeing all of the well known paintings and statues in real life. I loved this city, and apart from having my money stolen from my wallet one night, it was a truly magical experience. Of course most would say that Venecia (Venice) is the best of all cities, and it has a very magical quality to it, but as it was at the end of my travels, and I only got to spend the one night in the city (all hotels were booked out for New Years Eve), the most amazing aspects of the city escaped me during this visit.

Rome | Florence | Venice

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Rome – City of History


Florence – City of Museums


Venice – City of Boats