World Trip – United Kingdom

Landing in London I took a bus straight out to Bristol to meet up with my friend Tom. From here we took a hire car and drove straight to Scotland, doing a fast trip around all of its roads before returning to Bristol. Tom returned to work while I continued with the car heading out to check out the famous Stone Henge… but never found it. Instead I found Bath, named after the amazing thermal bathing houses present, and some standing rocks. It turns out there are lots of rocks similar to Stone Henge.

No trip to the U.K. would be complete without a tour of the famous London, so the last few days were spent doing this. From Buckingham Palace, to some of the famous landmarks, over the bridges crossing the Thames and visiting the Museums. It was a whirlwind tour of a place begging for more time.

Scotland | Bath | London

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Touring Scotland


The Town of Bath


London City