Bank Picketing Protest

Bank picketersNews, just in today…

Argentines protesting against banks again. Many armed and veiled picketers spent the day standing in front of offending banks. Police were present but only to protect the banks. Your online correspondent was present, taking photos and talking with some of those involved. Unfortunately, due to a lack of Spanish there will be no details of the event today. However, being close on hand, we are able to show you this photo that our correspondent was able to procure with much concern for his safety…

Yep, my friends, that was me today. After Spanish class I went for a wander… and as luck would have it I happened upon a peaceful, but simmering, picket in front of one of the banks. I have very little information about why or what… and even my English newspaper said little about this particular picket, although there were others taking place in the city at the same time, and in the same area. These other pickets were much more peaceful.

The one in the photo was the most significant. I stood amongst them and shot off a few photos before I was approached by an armed and veiled dude. He asked me a few questions and I was able to answer most of them with my little Spanish. Once he knew I was from Australia he turned out to be quite a nice chap – as much as any armed and veiled person can be a nice chap – and we began a conversation which I was hoping would tell me more about their motives.

At that point in time, someone opened a portal in the door of the bank and tried to come out. This took the attention of quite a few of the

picketers, who turned to face their opponent – on the other side of a small, but significant police line (in photo). My new found source thought it prudent to return to his defensive line, so I lost my story.

None-the-less, I still have my photos. There are more than this, but you will have to wait a little before you will see them. Since this event happened only hours ago, I thought you would be interested in seeing and hearing from the “unbiased correspondent on the Argentine front“… namely me!

Have a great day… and to those who are, thanks for praying for for me… now you can see why. 😀