Yo me voy a Uruguay

Well, by the time you read this I will be in Uruguay. I write this from my mobile as I wait to depart Argentina. What I expected to be a boat is closer to a ship, with its own gaming area, multiple levels with a lift between them, and a huge duty free shop. Quite spectacular really.

There are not many people on this overcast, cold, wintery day. It just means I didn’t need to buy my tickets until now. I am currently on the open deck, extra jacket in my arm. A largish man reclines in a deck chair near me, Cuban cigar in hand, reading his book. Others are up here with me too, taking photos and chatting in various languages.

I am going for 2 or so weeks. Partly for tourism but mainly to see some new friends. Missionaries who went to Lifeway years before I did. I will keep you informed as best I can by email. Right now it is time to leave my home of Argentina once again.

Until we talk again. Rob.