My World is a Flood

Today it is raining. Yesterday it was raining too. That is about all it takes here before there is a flood. Lots and lots of rain. Mind you, that is all it takes in most places for it to flood. Most floods are quick and small, and they disappear as fast as they came. This one was no different, although it still has not stopped raining.

The base building survived the flood

Even though the water was up very high, our new wall kept the water out of our base building.

Fortuanately for us, there is no serious problem for our base and buildings, as we have made many changes to the place now and our flood wall, the newest addition, worked very effectively. However, our neighbour suffered considerably, and had to punch holes in the wall of his house to let out the water that had flooded it.

Cautious from the damage I had caused to my last camera when taking photos in the rain (the LCD screen died), I went out with an umbrella to protect my gear and then took a bunch of photos to try and give an impression of what we were experiencing. The locals tell me that this is the worst they have ever seen it.

Our dirt road was carved up in some large washouts, the sewerage system was overflowing onto the streets, the drain storms were inundated, and parts of the street were completely covered in water. It was very impressive to see the power of nature in effect.

Neighbor gets flooded

Even though we survived this flood, our neighbour’s house was filled with water. You can see the water running strongly down the right side of his house where the front door is located.

In spite of all of this, people continued to go about their daily business. Shop owners found a way to collect the bread they need every day, buses still rolled down the road, albeit slowing down for each of the deeper water holes and the washouts, and there were people to get on and off the buses. It was business as usual.

Well, not quite. Our new kindergarten was empty today when not one child turned up due to the heavy rains and localised flooding – a rare situation indeed. Compared to dry days or even normal wet days the number of people outside was cut down to the bare minimum. It was a bleak and rainy day. The students also, simply stood out on the back patio and looked through the sheets of rain out over the waters. There was not much more they could do.

Flooded Street

A nearby street was far deeper in water than ours. The fountain in the foreground is the overflowing sewerage system, overwhelmed by the amount of water trying to flow through it.

But, just as fast as it arrived, when the rain stopped, it was almost all gone again within a few hours, leaving a mushy and muddy ground for the next day or two as it dries. As I write this tonight it is raining again, although lightly. If we get some more heavy rain then the waters could easily rise again quickly over the already saturated land, although it is unlikely. It was large thunderstorms that brought this huge flood last night and this morning. Now they are only rain clouds.

So although we are wet and drying out, all is well in this part of the world, and we are in a good situation. Only six months ago things would have been very different, but we are making good progress on establishing this base and fixing up the most significant areas of need.

Enjoy the photos that follow. Rob.

Washed out roads

A bus navigating the partly washed away road.

Waiting for the bus to come

People waiting to board a bus for centro to their workplace.

Car filled with bread

Carrying bread back from the bakery for their shop, the car was almost completely filled with the bun rolls.

Walking through the water

Rosy picking her way through the flood waters from one part of the base to the other.

Waiting and watching

The students stand around under the porch looking out over the floodwaters.

Arms full of bread

Two men with their arms full of bread, taking it back to their shop, as a local bus passes them by.

2 Replies to “My World is a Flood”

  1. Amazing how quickly it comes and goes eh? Soooooooo good to see some more of your living area as I can imagine where you are a little more each time I see snaps. We also are having unseasonal deluge type rain and so far have had over 5 inches , all in short sharp bursts so no flooding as yet around us. Dad and I are looking at a rental house at Scarborough…no great you beaut home but will still be home if we get itl We have looked at so many but they are either real dumps or too small or something wrong so this meets all the criteria except the highset bit so we think we may settle jfor it…….not sure yet. We are going out to dinner with John and Moira to celebrate her birthday tonight for tomorrow so should be nice. Well must away now my darling keep believing for TOTAL healing cause we are. Love MUM xxxxxxxx

  2. Aloha Robito,
    I hope you have a pair of water skis and a boat when you want to go out for shopping 🙂 VERY GOOD PHOTOS MATE! I can totally feel the flood on this side of the screen too! ..and I am glad to be here in the office and have my feet dry. I will enjoy my mate on this side of the world while you are enjoying yours there. I wonder if you are using the cow foot cup that you told me once about? I broke mine and have to use a normal tea cup..what a SHAME but I have to share with you a secret: I can’t feel the difference in the taste..don’t tell to any Argentine… Have fun there and remember: camera is a friend! …don’t make him swim, he doesn’t like it.

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