Back to Paraguay

Tonight I travel again. I am heading up to Ciudad del Este in Paraguay to pick up some electronic bits and pieces from there. I have visited this city quite frequently lately, and this visit is one last attempt to get all I can out of my multiple entry visa that I purchased almost three months ago.

Purchasing is the name of the game, and I have a very long list of items to research and purchase while I am there, as the prices are so much better than here in Argentina – all of it electronics. I don’t mind visiting this city as it is quite interesting at times, albeit dangerous.

Paraguay is not my ultimate destination however, as during the latter part of the week I plan on joining up with the students in the Mobile Missions School in San Pedro in the northern end of Misiones. From what I have heard they are working with the local indigenous people there (Amerindians) amongst other things.

As I have now become the key person in communications in this YWAM base, my job has widened to include videos. Actually, it seems that a great deal of my time is spent in this area. So just to add to the increasing backlog of videos that I am producing, I thought I would take a bunch more with the students to try and create a video encapsulating their experiences. I am new at all of this so we will see how it goes.

One of my first video attempts was of the flood that came through the area, and although a little long, you are welcome to check it out… Corrientes_Flood_Apr2005.wmv (8Mb).