New Faces to

Finally, after much procrastination and now with very little sleep, I have finally gotten around to updating my own websites. If you enter now at the main website you get a three column overview of my three weblogs. (Three and three, hmm, it makes sense). I am really pleased with this as it has been something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I used the opensource web authoring tool called NVU to edit my css and it was fantastic and very easy to use.

Next, I decided to update this blog too, using a personalised version of the Utica Avenue theme. It looks pretty decent to me now and I am very happy with how it finished up. Hopefully it will inspire me to write some more stories.

Finally, my webhosting company has kindly upgraded my account with more space which means that I will be able to add more photos to my gallery again. To celebrate this fact I have also upgraded my gallery software to the new version 2. It is a very slick program and heaps better than the old 1.x version.

Also, talking about photos… GlassCircle has also had a small update too, allowing navigation using the left-hand and right-hand sides of the photos rather than the small links that were at the top. You also get small thumbnails in all of the category and search views. Hopefully I will get a calendar up there too one day, but that is for sometime later.

So after all of this geek-speak, what does it mean for you? Well, instead of checking out three places for updates to the blogs, you can see them all here, and now when you read about stuff (on this blog at least) you will have a much more colourful experience, and getting around should be a little easier too. So go ahead… enjoy it.

As for me. It is time to get some sleep.