Moving to Rio

It is a Sunday today, and in a shopping centre in the middle of Belo Horizonte city, I am tapping away on the keyboard, waiting for my bus to Rio. It turns out that there are not a lot of services to Rio on a Sunday and my bus leaves at midnight for the six to seven hour journey. Those heading back to the base in Corrientes will be close to arriving there now, having left two days ago. I am on my own.

Travelling solo can be a lot of fun. The advantage of it is being able to make all the decisions quickly and change plans at the drop of a hat. Not having someone to share the good and bad times is always a drawback. When I travelled the world, my trip followed my friends in each country. It was a lot of fun and filled with great memories. When I travel here, the journey will follow the YWAM bases throughout Brazil. They are friends. Friends that I have just not yet met.

Belo is just like any other city. I checked it all out yesterday with a group of friends. Today, at 30 degrees C, it seemed a better option to remain indoors. So here I sit, scribbling away, and enjoying the airconditioning. In a few hours I will be hurtling down the road towards Rio.

A new destination, and new friends.