The Conference – Day 1

The first day is still going strong, and it has been very interesting to see people from so many different nations here. I have already met people from bases in Norway, Panama, and Brazil, spending time with them all over lunch. There is a person here from almost every country in the world.

Still tired from such little sleep last night, it is a struggle to stay awake during the meetings. Perhaps this is why I decided to break away from my original group of travellers and sort myself out with a place to stay with a real bed.

You see, they have found a great place to stay just across the road from the YWAM base here. In a way I think they have a better deal, although a concrete floor is all that is available to sleep on. These are the ones without money who still wanted to come regardless of their situation. They suffer whatever hardships they need to so that they can remain here. A free concrete floor is certainly a very enticing offer.

So I have left them there, and moved in with my other Corrientes YWAM staff. It is said to be a very nice place, but that is something I will not discover until later tonight. For now, there are many people left to get to know and lots of great Brazilian foods to discover. And for drinks… the Guarana is my favourite of all. It beats Coke by a long shot.

Just being here amongst so many interesting and amazing people has been great. I have met so many people that I know from meeting them from here or there. It is amazing to see the connections that happen in an event like this. For me though, I most enjoy the friendships and developing those that already exist plus adding a few more along the way.

So now it is back to the conference again. Until next time…