Travel the World To Get There

As I sort through all of my photos, I am reminded of the journey that I made to finally get where I am now. God called me to Argentina while I was still working in New Zealand, and from that time to when I arrived took a little over one year. There were many things that happened on that journey, but it is still something that I remember often. And to think that I was a person who did not believe in travel until then.

So this is how it went…

To head over to Argentina from New Zealand, I decided to travel around the world first. The issue was that it was almost the same price as travelling directly there, and I had already promised two people that I would visit them in the next couple of years. So it seemed wise to grab a round-the-world ticket and head off in that direction.

Australasia map

So in my journeys I travelled to over a dozen countries. My path did not follow exactly what I had planned, but then it was not completely off track either. My biggest error was in thinking that I could see all of Europe within three weeks or something. I allocated 22 December 2003 until 4 January 2004 for my time in Europe, and never once thought about the issues of travelling during such noteable holiday times.

As a result, I missed out on seeing some interesting things in Spain, encountered a lot of people and significant price rises throughout all of Italy, and missed the celebrations and musuems in Vienna. But in spite of all of this, my travels were a wonderful journey and gave me fantastic memories in so many different places.

Map of Europe

Much of my journey was planned to travel between friends. Having worked in an international ministry for some time, I had developed some good friends who over the years had returned to their own countries. These friends provided me with the perfect place to stop when visiting a country. I was able to catch up on our friendship, experience the culture from a local’s perspective, and enjoy the company of somebody that until this journey seemed to be so far away.

The plan was to travel to more places in Europe, and stop in a couple of extra places in the United States, but it did not completely turn out according to plan. What did turn out was a trip something like this:

New Zealand, Australia (6mths to prepare for Argentina and purchase and plan my journey), Singapore, Hong Kong, China (36hrs only), South Korea, Japan, Spain, Italy, Austria, Czeck Republic, Germany (overnight), Finland, England, Scotland, United States, Brazil, Chile, Argentina.

Map of North America

A three month whiz-bang tour of the world that renewed many friendships and made even more. It was a joy to travel, and when I finally arrived in Argentina the cultural shock was not anywhere near as significant because of all of my recent experiences. It was one more place on my way, except I would be staying here for a lot longer.

There are many stories that I have written about my adventures, and many more that are yet to come about the adventures as I continue to live in Argentina. The photos you can see at and the stories are almost all here on this blog (I am still working to get them all here).

South America

It is a lot of fun to write about each one, and I trust that you enjoy reading them. Thanks for letting me share a little of my life with you.