What is GroovyGuppy?

What is GroovyGuppy.com?
GroovyGuppy.com is a private website run by one guy. Its main purpose for existing started out being just as a means to communicate with friends and family around the world.

In the process of being established, there were many new thoughts about what it could contain and what purposes it could serve. As a result, the whole idea has evolved to include a members section providing friends with access to more directed information, a section on stories and thoughts that anyone is welcome to read through, and an image gallery to show anyone that is interested some of the places travelled and seen.

GroovyGuppy.com is not a novel idea. It was inspired by two friends and their own websites. One of which has now been running for years.

But first, let me introduce myself. I am Rob and I was living in Australia when I started this. Where I am now is anyones guess. You see, I am a Christian who believes fervently in God. When God tells me to go somewhere then I go. No hesitation. He asked me to go to New Zealand some years ago so I did. Having lived there for four years God then told me to go to Argentina. That is where I am heading now. Where next, literally, only God knows.

I could talk about God for ages, but there is another place on this site for that. Now, about the website.

Brodie, my brother, started up Jellycan.com so he could share his photos and adventures with family and friends. At the time he was living in Italy or Germany I believe and this was a good way to be able to catch up. After that he moved to Japan and has taken up adventure racing. As a result his website contains all sorts of photos pertaining to that. This was the primary inspiration for my site.

A friend of Brodie’s started up a weblog using CamelFish.com and I liked the name. As a result a search was started to find a name that was clever and memorable. With the help of one of my creative thinking friends, John, we finally came up with the name of GroovyGuppy.com and it stuck.

Having nothing to do with fish it may seem an odd name. But when you consider some of the sites out there then it makes as much sense as any other. After all, Amazon.com has nothing to do with forests (unless you count the paper the books are printed on), Apple.com does not relate to fruit, and Canon.com has nothing to do with war (although the name is spelt differently to cannon).

So that is the why and how of GroovyGuppy.com. If you have any questions, or would like comment on anything in this site, then feel free to contact me.