YWAM Conference and Photos

It was just after seven in the morning on the 12th of November, and somehow I managed to drag myself out of bed after only three and a half hours of sleep. I had been creating a website with the photo highlights of the conference. Within a short while the last day of the conference was about to begin, and I needed to be ready for the events of the day. Camera in hand, I wandered over to the bathrooms only to discover that there are no showers. The pump supplying water had blown up during the night, overloaded by the influx of the thousands of people that have inundated this place during the last five days.

Somebody tells me that there is water down the other end of the property, so I begin my search. Warned to look for long lines of people, I almost wander past a small line with only a few people. They were waiting for the use of the one toilet that still had water. This was the place. It was amazing that there were so few people, but I figured that many were still trying to grab a few more moments of needed sleep.

Around the corner I found people standing at the washing tubs, brushing teeth and washing their faces. They all seemed content that there was a way they could carry out a part of their morning routine. I snap a few shots of the action, then hang up my camera and join the activities.

It seems like only moments of relaxing in the morning sun, interspersed with shots of people here and there, before it is time for the conference to begin. I head inside and prepare my corner, hidden with all of the other technology people.

As the program for the day plays out, I am there in the midst of it all, taking as many photos as I feel are needed to be able to capture the feeling of the event. Places, actions, and events. Faces, people, and emotions. Constantly scanning around me for something that would represent the moment. Searching for that photo that would express the emotion of the people.

When the last event for the day had finished, I put my camera down. It was wonderful to finally stop. Something that I love doing, after five days and more than three thousand photos I had grown weary. It was good to see the end of it all.