What are “labels” except division

So many times I have heard people talk about this denomination or that denomination or this “religion” or that “religion” and so on. The reality is that we are all simply people standing before a living God. All of this talk simply creates divisions; an “us” against “them” mentality.

Having grown up without knowing much about God, save for some time spent in a Sunday School briefly, when I found Him, my life was not spent in one denomination but many different ones. From one to another to another I went, partly because of my family’s constant moving, and partly because I was not looking at the outside or structures, but rather searching for people that lived what they believed. If I found it in a Catholic Church then that was fine for me. If I found it in a Baptist church then that too was fine. As was any denomination that was there.

My belief was not always welcome, but I always found it hard to describe what I felt about all of this to people. Normally I would just tell them that it does not matter where people come from or which denomination or religion they come from, but only that they love God and live this in their lives.

Now, in reading this email, I found this explanation that seemed to be so much clearer in explaining how we are simply people before a living God, nothing more and nothing less. The labels are nothing.

Let me state here and now that man, not God, started every denomination, institutional church, and house church on the face of the earth. Some may be following God’s will, some only think they are following God’s will, and most are just doing what they want to do with no thought to God’s will. We aren’t interested now in explaining how or why they do what they do, we simply wish to state that man does all these things, not God. The Kingdom is within you. There is only One Church, and that is the Church that Jesus is building. There is only One Flock, and One Shepherd. Everything else is periphery.

When we see how much of this is man’s doing we are liable to become upset over it all, but God just bypasses and transcends the boundaries we put up between one another. God is just too big to confine Himself to working within one little sect, whether they are “in” or “out” of the religious system. God has never blessed a denomination, and He never will. He blesses people, not movements. He judges people, not systems. He only sees one thing, and that is His Son. He only gives us one thing, and that is His Son. If you have the Son, you have Life. If you do not have the Son, you do not have Life. This is the only thing God is looking for.

Sent in an email from Glory of His Cross Prophetic Ministries, titled “One Flock, One Shepherd” by Chip Brogden.