How Far Would I Go?

In reading this quote from Heidi Baker (of Iris Ministries) in her and Rolland’s book called There is Always Enough, I felt really challenged to consider at what point would I stop, or where would I consider that this was enough in what I am doing for God? Would I turn around and stop because I felt uncomfortable or things weren’t going as I wanted them?

She says of the times that they were living in Mozambique during the days of the floods:

With our tent blown down and sagging into the swampy ground, we packed into our makeship dining room for worship, tracking water and mud everywhere. Bugs crawled in our hair. We were all hot and wet with perspiration. When the power went off, we carried on against the roar of a generator…

We were taking care of about seven hundred people daily at our own center, including our Mozambican staff, workers and students. And every day, even until late at night, the poor and desperate around us came for more – food, jobs, medicine, cement, money. We were crowded. Our hygiene was marginal. Our food was basic. We did the best we could medically… (p.82)

And then she ends all of this with:

And still God chose to love us and show Himself, filling our community of faith with the good things of His Spirit. (p.83)

It seemed to me that she understood the circumstances and did not deny them, yet was able to look beyond them and see the wonderful things that were also happening during the time, and acknowledge the awesome things that God was still doing in the midst of the difficulties.

I want that sort of faith. That sort of life.