How Would You React?

Quoted from There is Always Enough by Rolland and Heidi Baker.

So as we were praying for a pastor to help these street girls, the Lord just spoke to my heart, "Louis." He’d never been to school. He couldn’t read or write until we got him into one of our literacy programs. He never had a Bible school class. He was just working in our construction department. I went over to him at campismo and said, "Louis, do you think Jesus could use you to help pastor these girls with Lucia?" Louis began to weep. He just began to cry in the sand. We don’t have buildings. We were out there in the sand under the trees, and he began to cry, tears dripping into the sand, running down his face and down his scarred hands. And he said, "Oh, Jesus would honor me with such a thing? Jesus would let me do such a thing for Him? Of course. What joy, what great joy! Of course I’ll go. Oh, I would love to go. I would love to pastor these girls and the orphans from the floods." And Louis is out there with Lucia ministering.

As I read this I wondered how I would react if offered such an opportunity. Would I think something like, "Oh at last they have recognized me, at last I can do something better than this!"? Or would I react like Louis, with humble gratitude to serve and honor my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?