More Hungry For God Than For Food

Pastor Rego speaks in Rolland and Heidi Baker’s book, There is Always Enough (see this post for details)…

When I saw the first major miracle in my church, it really grew. I had a lot more power in my ministry when a mother was raised from the dead. And every day the sick people come and they are healed, and they go away and tell others.

A missionary built very close to our church, but he has left because no one went to his church. He made mahaya (a drink Mozambicans love made out of cornmeal), and he cooked for all the Christians hoping to bring them in with the things he could offer. But they came to the church where the miracles were.

We don’t have anything to give to people that would attract them, but we saw more happening than he could ever give. People left the food and drink so they could come to our church and be healed. And so our church is growing very quickly. We are walking in the ways of the Bible. (p.74)

For those people to not go to the church offering the drink and food was a significant thing in the poverty and hunger stricken outback of Mozambique at the time. It was not just that it was food, which many were lacking at the time, but it was one of their favourite foods. And yet they still did not go… because they wanted God more. Why? Because they could see through the miracles that He was real.

Pastor Rego continues…

I got next to this dead mother. I took the cover off her head and began to pray. I prayed for over an hour. She was very cold. The second hour I started to feel warmth coming into her. I could feel her body warming up. I prayed all the way down her body. When I got down to her legs, the bottom of her legs were still cold.

I picked her up, and then her eyes were open. She began to vomit and vomit. I can’t explain it. She spat up white sputum, white and yellow vomit.

I told a woman, "Sit here and hold her," because she could see everybody now. "Let’s keep praying," I said. Her legs were beginning to get warm. We prayed some more. The third hour her whole body had movement. She was alive!

…[s]o we took her and carried her to church. It was Saturday and we spent the whole night in prayer. She began to speak… Our church is full now! This is a wonderful miracle in our church that helped it to grow. (p.75)

Jesus Christ did it when he was here on the earth. Peter, his disciple did it. Many others have done it before, and her Pastor Rego also does it. Through prayer and faith in Jesus Christ anything is possible. Are we ready to pray that much? Most people I know struggle to pray 10 minutes. What about an hour? Two? Three? A whole night?