Siambretta – Almost Ready

After the paperwork saga, Sergio and I visited my motorscooter to see how the repairs were going on it. When we arrived the bike was mostly together, and old Mr. Verdun told me that it was almost ready to start, but he wanted it for another day to make sure it was tuned and running well.

Some of the replaced parts
Some of the old worn and broken parts that were replaced.

Looking over the bike I could see that there were many new changes to it, and that it was almost ready for me to ride away. The gear-change system had been replaced, as had many other parts too. So now I need to return on the Thursday to pick up my bike.

Mr. Verdun's house
Mr. Verdun’s house and workshop with my bike on the left.

electronic ignition
The new electronic ignition black box that promises to be more reliable.

Mr. Verdun's motorbike
The Siambretta that Mr. Verdun uses, and the style that I first saw which drew me to them in the first place.