There is Always Enough

The book called There is always enoughI have been reading this book called There is Always Enough recently by Rolland and Heidi Baker about their amazing ministry amongst the poor of Mozambique in Africa and it has really challenged me to the core of my Christian faith. The following number of posts will be about quotes from this book. I hope that you too may be challenged by each one.

When Heidi had an amazing encounter with God where he totally changed her, she writes:

[God] brought me to a place of utter dependence on Him. When I returned to Mozambique I began releasing people in ministry. I began to recognize potential ministers even in children as young as eight. I began relinquishing control and delegating responsibilities. The Lord started bringing missionaries from many nations to help us. Young men and women were called into ministry from all over Mozambique. I saw that it wasn’t important if I spoke, but that I could release others to fulfill their potential in God. As I became less and He became more, the ministry grew at a phenomenal rate. (p.70)