Time is a Wastin’

Well, here it is at midday and I am still trying to get this motorbike working. It is rapidly changing from an object of joy to an object of trouble and woe. I just went into town today and bought another fuel tank. When I replaced it I discovered that it is losing more fuel than my original tank. Doh!
Not only that, but it seems that the generator for the lights is causing all sorts of problems and there is no power for the lights. So it is not just a cabling problem, but also a problem with finding the power too. Hmmm, that is not too good.

So, apart from all of this, is everything fine? Mostly. It seems a mess right now and there is still my packing to do, but most things are mostly done. So it is all coming together slowly.

Wait! Good news. My electrically oriented friend has been helping me out, and he has just fixed the lights. That adds a little more hope to the situation. Now I need to search out the fuel tank solution, but then I will be mobile.

Time it is a wastin’ but we are getting there too.