To-Go Or Not-To-Go

That is the question that I am asking myself right now. Should I or should I not go to Salta on my newly acquired motorbike. Ideally the answer would be yes, but right now it is a big unknown.

You see, over the last few days, I have had a number of minor (or major, depending on your perspective) problems with the bike. I did however pray that all of the problems would occur now and not on the trip, so that may have a bearing on the fact too.

The other day the back wheel almost fell off. Fortunately the bike did not want to go forward anymore so I found the problem and fixed it – a loose wheel nut. Then I ran out of fuel again, a problem that made it look like the bike was using a lot of petrol. So I investigated a little and discovered that the fuel tank is cracked.

After changing over the ignition switch, I have lost my lights. Something that I hope to rectify very shortly. The clutch does not release completely still, which is only a problem in the city. And after putting on a switch to give me a brake light, it is still not yet wired.

So tomorrow, my theoretical last day, I need to wire the stop light, repair or replace the fuel tank, fix the lights, pack my gear and mount it on the bike. Ok, not too much work really.

So then my question becomes, should I go on the bike or not? I guess, looking at it logically, and at the rain storms predicted for the north-west of Argentina, perhaps I should not go. But then looking at the adventure side of things… a thunderstorm would be a lot of fun, and to ride this sort of bike so far would be a real challenge.

I have one day to decide. One day to get everything together. One day to come to a final conclusion about what I will do. Maybe I should play it safe and take the bus. But what fun would that be? If I take the bike, will it make it? Another consideration to keep in mind.

So “to-go” or “not-to-go.” That is the question that remains with me.