Wake up, Church!

Quoted from There is Always Enough by Rolland and Heidi Baker.

Many people in the Church are frustrated because they don’t see a harvest. They’re frustrated because they have so little fruit, and they wonder why. They keep going to the same people. In the parable of the great banquet in Luke 14:15-24, the rich didn’t want to come. They were busy enjoying their money and possessions, and made excuses. The poor can’t do these things, and they are eager to come to the banquet when they are invited. God says there are no excuses, but the Church keeps going to the wealthy and well-fed, and wonder why they don’t respond.

God is saying, "Wake up, Church! Wake up, Church! The Church isn’t ready for the wedding feast. The poor need to be called." The Lord is looking for servant lovers who are passionate for Him, who are filled with love for Him, who are longing for the Bridegroom’s return, who can taste the feast and know it’s about to begin. They can’t stand any more to stay in their comfort, to wait around for someone to be saved. They will literally run out and call in the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame. If we will go, they will come. (p.165)

In the two years that I have been living in Argentina, my hard heart toward the poor and the needy has softened. For too long my attitude was of "us" and "them." Now I see all people as "us." There are no "them’s" left. When approached by beggars my thoughts have changed from giving by guilt to deciding how much I should give and wondering if it is enough. Sometimes I put my arm around them and we walk somewhere that we can eat together. But this is not enough.

To palm off our responsibility as Christians to care for the poor with a coin or note is not enough. It is not what Jesus told us to do. We were told to love and care for them. Not push them away with hardly enough to buy their next meal while we spend dozens of times more than we have just given them on just one meal. We must do more. We are commanded to do more.

The Lord is calling for servant lovers who will call in the outcasts, who will go into the dark corners of the world and compel the poor to come. And they will come. They’ll come by the millions. Who will go and leave their life of comfort and call in the broken? Who will go and be a learner? Who will go and lay their life down for Jesus among the poor? The Lord Jesus wants His house to be full. It’s time for us to go out to the poor, to the broken, to the homeless, to the dying, the lonely, and call them to come in. Thousands and thousands of missionaries and ministers need to go out to the darkest places, to the poorest places, to the forgotten places, because the wedding feast is about to begin and so many of the poor haven’t been called. Rush out and call them. They will come.