Sucre by Photos

Main street
Riding down the main street of Sucre on a motorbike.

Setting sun
Sun setting through the colonades of the lookout plaza.

Bolivian mother and child
Bolivian mother carries her child in the common way in a cloth on her back.

Corner shop
Owner of corner shop hanging out and watching traffic pass by.

Bolivian man
Bolivian student in the streets.

Concrete waste
Tipping unwanted products down the drain is common still in Bolivia.

family selling
A young boy with his box of items to sell heads off in search of buyers.

Local market
A local market of clothes and traditional items.

The colonades at the original central plaza of the town.

boy on fountain
A young boy jumps down from his position on the fountain as the sun continues to set.

Sun dial
A highly accurate sun-dial calibrated to work specifically at this lattitude.

Original plaza
The original central plaza of the city.

Contemplating the views
Looking out over the city as the sun sets behind the distant mountains.

4 wheel bike
All sorts of motorbikes are welcome in this town.

mother and child
A mother and child waiting by their shop.

Traditional family
A traditional Bolivian family waiting on the street corner.

children in doorway
Two siblings chat in their doorway and watch the people passing by.

mother carrying child
A child travels home on her mother’s back.

Street food
A favourite food of university students is that from these street stalls.

soccer game
If you cannot play soccer on the field then there is always this game to keep the spririt going.

House of chicken
A house selling roasted chicken, one of the most common foods throughout Bolivia.

University coffee shop0
A coffee shop that caters for university students by giving them everything at half price.