2 Days in Corrientes

Well, my two days here are up. It has been fantastic to catch up with all of my friends that I have not seen for 6 months, and I have made full use of the Internet while here with phone calls on Skype to my family all through the night.

There have been some big changes here since I left, with the whole place looking a lot more completed and neat and tidy. Here are some photos of the place as it looks now, with a couple of photos of how it looked when I first arrived.

Front of Building
The building as I first saw it when arriving in Corrientes.

Completed Building
The finished building, finished only recently.

More photos follow…

Kitchen Area of Building
Looking side on at the kitchen area of the building.

Unfinished Building
The building as we used it for the first six months in Corrientes.

Extensions to my old home
My old home with new extensions being built to house more staff.

2 Replies to “2 Days in Corrientes”

  1. Hey I just wanna bombard you with questions is that ok?:
    1. is this really the ywam base in corrientes as it is now??
    2. whats this website all about?
    3. how much do you know about ywam argentina and where was your fav place in argentina?


  2. i lived in resistencia for a year before and after my wife and i were married there. she is from resistencia, and we would frequently cross the river to dine at the casinos or river front and watch movies at the casino theaters. our paths intersect again…although at different times. 🙂

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