Moving back to Movable Type

Well, it has been a while now since moving from Movable Type to WordPress, but after a lot of working with WordPress this blog is back with Movable Type. Why the change? Because I had multiple blogs and wanted to combine them all, and after a lot of fiddling with scripts that were supposed to work, I discovered that Code Monkey Ramblings (link dead – info from MT) had a wonderful script.

My only motive for change in the first place was a bug that MT had which prevented publishing entries for a long time. Now I am back again.

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  1. Hi Rob and Carol,

    Congratulations!!!! Isn’t it amazing? From when I first went out Stefan it took us 6 and a half weeks to get engaged so you were a little slow???? I hadn’t logged on to your site for a few months so what a surprise!

    I’m so excited for you both and I’ll be saying lots of prayers for your future happiness.

    Love and God Bless,

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