Just like being in a freezer

Inside we have large gas heaters set to their maximum, the doors and windows are tightly shut and foam circles their joints to ensure any stray cold air from outside does not enter. It does not seem to help. The cold still gets in. We are all here, huddled around the heater, winter coats layered upon us.

frozen water
All water outside was found frozen in the morning

Another section of the building normally offers us a warmer alternative to our main heater. It is a narrow hallway that seems to always be hotter than everywhere else. Tonight it wasn’t. In fact, there was no place that we could find that was warm. Right next to the heaters provided the only little heat we could find.

Oh the cold.

Little did we know that this night was going to end up the coldest night on record for the last five years.

Outside all water froze over. In the morning we found our water pipes frozen too. One burst under the pressure, requiring immediate attention. Fearing further cold nights, I spend the rest of the day fitting insulation to all of the most susceptible pipes, using whatever was on hand.

Ruben helping me to fix the burst pipe
Ruben helping me to fix the burst pipe

Later in the day the news comes out… it was -10 degrees C. Just like being in a freezer.