Puerto Madryn to Santiago in Chile

After an early start to the day, a cold snap caused snow on the road to delay my bus for an hour and a half. Wandering down to the beach to watch the whales play in the water seemed the best way to pass the time at this hour of the morning. A further delay in Cippoletti made it likely that we would arrive very late at our destination, but some fast driving through the night delivered us only one hour behind schedule.

In Mendoza, after purchasing my ticket for Chile, I heard of some other YWAM staff heading to the same place as me. So rather than try and find my way alone, a second ticket put us all on the same bus. Sandra and Marcela were heading to a seminar held by YWAM Chile for the weekend and had brought Lorena with them, a friend from church. It was not long before we were all well acquainted and chatting and laughing our way over the Andes mountains.

Our journey was not quite as simple as that however, as it had started to snow in Mendoza and the bus companies were beginning to cancel their scheduled journeys. Our company decided to continue onward, and after a break-down stranding us along the side of the highway for an hour, we climbed into the majestic mountains to be welcomed by bright sunshine and clear skies. It was hard to find better conditions than these.

A short delay of about an hour in the border crossing, with the compulsory luggage checks, and soon we were easing our way down the steep razorbacks winding their way into the valley below. The setting sun cast a beautiful pink glow over the powerful snow-capped peaks surrounding us, before slipping away into darkness through a variety of crimsons and reds on the horizon. It was night time in Santiago city when we finally disembarked from our minibus and wandered into the terminal to grab a bite to eat.

It would be a late night before we finally got to sleep in our new quarters on the YWAM base here, but our travels were now over, our main concerns gone. We had made it.

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  1. Rob , espero que hayas llegado bien a australia y que este feliz con tu familia y con los señores canguros saludos Yani (la acosadora)

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