Back in Brissy

Well, after seeing my mate tie the knot in the most amazing city of Melbourne, I am back again in good ol’ Brissy. Melbourne was a fun place to be and full of activities, but getting back here I have been treated to some wild speedboat racing. Not a bad event to have going on just down the road from home.

Now with only one more week to go, life is filled with making decisions about what stuff to take back with me and what stuff to leave here. Not as easy as it sounds, with considerations for nosey customs officers at the different border crossings, weight limitations on the flight, and just being able to lug it all with me as I change from bus to bus to bus on my journey back home.

Of course there is the important final catch up with my friends too. In South America I would simply rock up to each friend’s house, perhaps with a quick call while on my way over. They would invite me in for a meal and a chat and we would enjoy a few hours or so of catch-up. Over here life is a little different. I have my calendar and sit at home calling each person. We then compare the spare slots on our calendars and see if and where we can fit some sort of catch-up in. Normally this will be a night at the movies, breakfast at some coffee house, dinner at Hog’s Breath Cafe or some other “event” where we get to chat a little too.

Highly organised, and without too much flexibility. But at least I know within the first few days who I will be seeing up until the day I go. Different cultures, different styles. And somehow I am trying to fit into both of them.

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  1. Hola Rob
    Soy yo, daniel de brasil que estive en madryn en la movida ….
    te encontre en el orkut….

    Bueno, te dejo un abrazo

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