Chris and Geena Married

Well, my whole reason for coming over to Australia this time was to be at Chris and Geena’s wedding. Yesterday they just got married, and what a beautiful wedding it was.

One of the things that struck me about their wedding was that it was the most relaxed wedding that I have ever been to. Set in one of the oldest churches in Melbourne, I had the honour of standing next to Chris with two other mates of his as he and Geena tied the knot.

Getting married
Tying the knot, Geena’s brother performed the ceremony.

We then wandered around the city, taking photos in doorways and cafes and other interesting nooks and crannies. It was the end of the Friday work day so the place was full of people and heads were turning everywhere as our bridal party of six wandered along with Chris and Geena. Of course, Chris being the cowboy, had his big hat on for most of the time and looked good in it too.

Leaving the church
Chris and Geena leave the church.
When the bride and groom took off in their horse and carriage to the reception, I loaded up the Audi with the bridesmaids and we zoomed off to try and beat them there. It didn’t quite work, but it was fun trying and soon enough we were all together at the Willows restaurant.

The wedding party
The wedding party.

A fine series of speeches and lovely food was followed by a lot of energetic dancing before we all waved the happily married couple off as they were chauffered away in the Audi to their hotel for the night. Sometime later they will be heading over to Malaysia for a honeymoon on some unknown island and mostly deserted beach.

Everyone together
Everyone together.

Well done Chris and Geena. It was fantastic to be there.

The boys
The boys and the famous cowboy hat.

Chris and Geena posing
Chris and Geena enjoying the moment.

Horse and carriage
Chris takes Geena to the reception in the carriage.

One happy man
One very happy man.