Blessed with a Bici

The first six months I was loaned a car. That was great.

The next six months I spent walking everywhere. Not so much fun.

Now, I am mobile again… with a “bici” (bee-see) as they say in Spanish.

There is something nice about being able to move around the place with speed and ease. Even better is being able to dictate my own times and not worry about the bus only leaving three times a day… nor do I need to pay any more $16 pesos taxi fares.

Freedom at its finest.

The bike
The bike. Every part except the gear-changers and rims were replaced and it rides very smoothly now.

Track home
The track that I take home (with home in the distance) is away from the road and provides a quiet and interesting ride, free from the dust and danger of the main road.

Looking toward town
Looking back from the same point towards the town. 3kms is a fair way.