Ricky and Rosy Married

Well here I am in Santiago again. It seems that in the last few months I have been here a lot… if you count three times as a lot.

Ricky and Rosy with family
Ricky and Rosy with their parents on their respective sides.

This time I am here for a wedding that happened yesterday. Ricky, a young lad from the United States, was married to Rosy, a young Chilean girl, on Saturday at 6pm. It was a very typical ceremony with all of the typical wedding ceremony type of things. A wedding party, a short sermon, wedding vows, and the rings. There was also a time for the new couple to take communion together.

Rosy saying her vows
Rosy saying her vows.

The most different part of the ceremony was the candle ceremony where two candles are lit by the respective family heads and pased to their bride or groom. Together Ricky and Rosy then joined their candle flames to light a much larger candle on the table, and put out their individual candles. This is a visual act of showing how the two families that were once separate have now come to join together as one.

The candle ceremony
The candle ceremony.

With the wedding ceremony over we headed to the reception hall for a lovely meal and speaches. My part was mainly in helping Ricky’s parents understand what was happening through translation from the Spanish to English, but also organising a powerpoint presentation and helping Ricky during the nerves just before the ceremony started. Amongst it all I still managed to be able to take a few photos.

Rosy coming with her dad
Rosy coming up the ailse with her dad.

The wedded hands
Wedded hands now adorned with wedding rings.

You may kiss the bride
You may kiss the bride.

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